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We provide premium artificial turf installation for lawns, putting greens, pet turfs and commercial applications in Prescott and surrounding areas.

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Artificial Grass Prescott AZ

Artificial turf is great for homeowners who just don’t have the time or energy to keep a real yard healthy. These days, many Americans spend countless hours tending to their lawns, but there are ways to get around this problem. One of those solutions is artificial turf. Not only does this help you save time, it also saves you money. When you install artificial grass, you won’t need to buy expensive fertilizer or weed killer. You’ll also be able to enjoy your yard all year round. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at installing artificial turf in your backyard or commercial area, there are many benefits to doing so. Water savings are just one of them. Artificial grass does not require mowing nor watering. It also requires less cleaning and maintenance than natural grass. You may even be able to avoid replacing your old lawn altogether. If you’re looking for the best artificial turf installation Prescott AZ then give us a call or fill out the form above to get a FREE estimate.

Why Choose Artificial Grass

Save Precious Water

A natural lawn requires a lot of water – artificial lawns do not. Not only will you be saving water but also helping the planet in the long term.

No Maintenance

Artificial lawns require little to no maintenance and look amazing throughout the year. This means your lawn will be presentable no matter the occasion.

Save Time & Money

Artificial turf will help you save a lot of precious time on never-ending maintenance and reduce spending on water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Synthetic Grass vs Real Grass

Artificial turf is a great alternative to real grass because it looks like the real thing, but doesn’t require expensive watering, fertilizing or mowing. Artificial turf is a synthetic material that imitates the appearance of natural grass. Synthetic grass can be installed indoors, outdoors, or even under water. Not only that, artificial grass can raise the property value of your home. With all the different types of synthetic turf available today, there is no reason why you shouldn’t add an artificial turf solution to your backyard. Artificial grass can help homeowners save money on mowing services, water usage, fertilizer costs, and even pest control. It also allows homeowners to enjoy a beautiful lawn without the hassle of upkeep. If you’re still on the fence about turf installation Prescott, then get to know more advantages below.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Conserve Water

Artificial grass requires very little water. You will need to add water occasionally to keep the blades wet, but it won’t be necessary for weeks at a time. This means you can save water and money every month.

Save The Environment

Artificial grass isn’t just an alternative to real grass. It eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, which reduces pollution in our environment and protects you and your family from harmful toxins.

Reduced Maintenance

If you’ve ever had to maintain a lawn, you know that it takes a lot of effort. You need to water it, fertilize it, trim the grass, and mow it. And if you’re like us, you probably also have to rake the leaves every fall. Fake lawns are an easy solution to all of those problems.

Reduced Maintenance

If you’re looking for an artificial turf option, you should consider the longevity of your investment. Natural lawns might require expensive replacements. You can expect your artificial turf to last anywhere from 12–15 years.

Why Choose Us

If you’re looking for a reliable and dependable artificial grass installer in Prescott and surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered! We install top quality synthetic lawns for your residential or commercial space. We install high quality synthetic turf in Prescott. Our turf is designed to last longer than real grass and is safe. Our installation team will come out and measure your property to ensure that we provide the right size product for your space. If you need help getting started, we can also provide advice on what type of artificial turf will best suit your needs.

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